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In Exile: The Long Story of a Short Film


In Exile: The Long Story of a Short Film

Olivier Ponsoye

  • Project Description

    ‘In Exile’ - A 3D animated short film

    1. The Film:

    ● Like many other countries in the world, Moldova is suffering from mass migration of its

    citizens to other countries. People leave in search of a better job and a better future.

    Unfortunately, as a consequence of this phenomenon there are many children left behind by

    young parents who are struggling to get a solid foothold in a new country. These children are left

    in the care of older relatives and often, even to their own devices. Neither of these situations can

    provide the physical and psychological support a young child needs.

    ● With ‘In Exile’ we want to tell the story of these children, through a short glimpse into the life

    of a seven year-old boy. Most importantly we intend to entertain the audience with a beautiful

    and colorful story, which also sends a message. Although, the film is set against the backdrop of

    an unfortunate social reality, it must make for an entertaining and light watch.

    ● The target audience of the film is first of all - the adult demographic who have been directly

    and indirectly hit by the migration phenomenon. Secondly, the adult audience who has not

    necessarily experienced it firsthand, but who can make a difference. And, last but not least, it

    should make for a great watch for children of all ages, because the film relates an important

    moral point regarding family values. Most importantly the film will have no dialogue, which will

    make it instantly accessible to a global audience.

    2. Previous experience:

    ● Over the years, our studio has developed several, 3D animated film and !

    television projects. And has been attempting to find producing partners and financiers to get

    these projects into production. Among these projects is the short animated film - In Exile.

    Otherwise the studio has produced countless animated films for the advertising industry over a

    period of 13 years.

    ● The studio has no partner organizations and is working on all film projects on its own. At the

    end of 2012 the studio has raised just over 7K USD, from private donors (including Buchet-

    Ponsoye), through an online crowdfunding campaign. This has helped tremendously to jumpstart

    the production of the film during 2013. In 2014 the core of the production costs have been

    financed by the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation). Work on the film has

    continued since, and is now nearing completion. Currently the studio is seeking support and

    financing for the completion of production i.e. Music Composition, Sound Design and Sound

    Mastering; and for the promotion of the film through international festivals and other venues.!

    3. About the studio:

    ● Kurilov Group Creative Studio is a video production company created in 2008. The mission

    of the company was the production of 3D animated films, both short and feature length. The

    films would be produced for an international audience using exclusively local talent. Over the

  • course of its existence the studio has engaged also in the production of commercial advertising,

    web-design and branding in order to sustain itself. Since 2012 the studio is attempting to

    complete the transition to full-fledged film production.

    Bottom line:

    We set out to produce an entertaining, heart-felt and emotional 3D animated short film, aimed at an

    international audience, about family values and the importance of being there for your children.


    ● To raise awareness about the problem of children left behind by migrants and !

    inspire action on behalf of parents who find themselves in this situation, !

    authorities and other organizations.

    ● Stimulate more concrete action on behalf of both the government and the private sector to

    contribute to more care-giving to children living away from parents.

    ● To stress family values and their importance in the social development of the country.

    ● To popularize the idea that home is where the heart is. !

    3. Promotion Plans:

    ● Upon completion of the project, the film is meant for an international festival run. We

    will target around 50 international festivals and hope to get selected for at least 10 to 15

    of them. After the festival run is complete we intend to grant use of the film to NGOs,

    non-profit organizations and government agencies and also encourage local broadcasters

    to air it on their media channels. And lastly, through the festival presence we hope to be

    able to find a distribution partner to help us either produce a limited edition of DVD’s

    and put them on sale in at least one European country or assist us in distributing the film

    online. If successful, all profits from these sales will be reinvested in other cultural

    activities, or will fund the development and hopefully production of a new social film